From the home of
Alma & Sisram to
your home


LMNT by Sisram Medical is a personal care brand, leveraging the company’s legacy of technology and knowhow, having treated dozens of millions of consumers worldwide for over two decades.
Brought to you in collaboration with Alma, LMNT’s sister company and the world’s leading global innovator of light-based aesthetic solutions, LMNT delivers Sisram Medical’s standards and technology capabilities into your hands. One of the top three leading aesthetics companies across the globe, Alma is the provider of choice for top tier innovative solutions that are based on cutting edge, clinically proven technologies.

Using LMNT one regularly will replenish your skin
with the energy it loses every day.

You’ll look refreshed and energized and ready to
take on any new challenge, from the inside out.

A legacy of
wellbeing through technology

Until today, Alma’s technology and devices were only available in professional clinics, and operated by licensed practitioners who treated millions of patients with various needs. Now, you can benefit from the extraordinary medical expertise, award winning technological capabilities and proven clinical results, in the comfort of your own home. LMNT one is bringing the experience and outstanding expertise – directly to you.
This is the true next generation of professional grade home-use beauty care.