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LMNT one is a unique, home use energy-based device that delivers red and infrared light therapy. Safe and comfortable to use, LMNT one integrates the power of NIR 830nm wavelength and 633nm, utilizing coordinated micro pulses to achieve the optimal results for your skin. Dermal heating promotes skin elasticity and boosts collagen production. These clinically proven wavelengths deliver nourishing and healing energy into your skin, leaving your face with a fresh, glowing look that is radiant and ready to go.

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The technology used by LMNT one is completely safe to use, and meets all of the most stringent international regulatory standards of today. FDA cleared, and backed by the outstanding technological expertise and experience of Alma, the world’s leading provider of light-based medical aesthetic solutions, LMNT one integrates highly advanced, clinically proven and safe technology to provide visible results.


Light-emitting diode (LED) treatment has long been recognized as a safe and effective means of achieving skin rejuvenation as seen in numerous clinical studies. Cleared for use by the FDA, light therapy has been shown to be safe and effective in rejuvenating aging skin, while synergistic effects have been observed when integrating multiple wavelengths in treatment regimens. The results are clear: the technology used in LMNT one has been thoroughly tested and clinically proven to be safe and effective for your skin. The results can be seen in the clinical review below.

This amazing home use device allows my patients to
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Dr Gold

I have always believed that patients need to do things at home to enhance what we may be doing for them in our offices and clinics.
The Alma LMNT O2 Home Device has been a wonderful addition to our acne therapy for our patients. They have felt the device is comfortable and easy to use and have noticed rapid results and improvement in not only acne but post-inflammatory erythema as well. We are happy to have such a professional-grade option for home use to offer our patients.

Michael H. Gold, M.D.


The novel LMNT device using LED light is safe and effective for facial rejuvenation in young females to temporarily improve mild facial wrinkles.

There was a mean 2.7 and 2.0 points of improvement at the overall facial appearance in a quartile scale of improvement (0- exacerbation, 4- 76-100% improvement) at 1 and 2-months from the beginning of treatment, respectively. None of the patients experienced any adverse effects or downtime during or following treatments.

Prof. Moshe Lapidoth, MD MPH

Dr. Pablo Naranjo Garcia

LMNT O2 is a new at-home device from Alma. It is the first time I can give my patients a home-use solution that I know is made with Alma’s professional standards, and that is also FDA cleared. LMNT O2 uses red and infra-red light with PBM micro pulse technology for skin rejuvenation, and blue light for acne and oily skin. The technology has been thoroughly tested and clinically proven safe and effective for collagen renewal and skin rejuvenation. My patients have been using LMNT O2 for two months now, and they are very happy with the reduced hypervascularization, long-term skin rejuvenation results, as well as the post-treatment glow.

Pablo Naranjo Garcia MD, PhD

Alma wants to take care of its patients 360 degrees.

LMNT is an innovation in the field of ‘home use devices’ for skin care. A real ‘winner’ for all our patients, for all those people who wish to maintain and prolong the effects of the treatments we carry out in our clinics.
A technology that is safe, effective and above all always at hand.
I am sure it will become a “must have” for our patients, and for anyone who wants to upgrade their skincare regimen.

Dr. Carlotta Ripa

Alma’s new home-use brand LMNT introduces professional technology to anyone who wants to have a medical-grade treatment at home. With the new LMNT one device my patients can now upgrade their skincare routine either as primary care or as maintenance of the results achieved by other clinic treatments. This provides them better and longer-term results. LMNT one uses red and infra-red light with micro pulses technology, which has long been used for skin rejuvenation; the technology has been thoroughly tested and clinically proven safe and effective for collagen renewal and skin rejuvenation.
The LMNT one home-use device generates sub-dermal heating which gives an immediate glow by stimulating collagen and promotes generation of new collagen cells. It is a great addition to any skincare routine, and it comes with the Alma and Sisram Medical stamp of approval of high quality and medical standards.

Dr. Alon Liran

Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

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